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 Welcome to Morningstar Institute

The Morningstar Institute is an international development and poverty alleviation training institute, housed in Southern Nazarene University’s School of Business. Morningstar’s primary purpose is to bring the knowledge of international development and poverty alleviation to students and to provide them with the opportunity to be empowered through receiving academic training in the classroom, analytical training through research as well as practical training on the field during international internships.

The Morningstar Institute was founded in 2005 by Southern Nazarene University to bring international development and microfinance opportunities to its students. Morningstar functions under Southern Nazarene University, administratively and financially, and upholds the ethics and values set by the University.

Southern Nazarene University, a private Christian University in Bethany, Oklahoma, is a four year liberal arts university that was founded over 100 years ago. SNU has approximately 2100 students.

"What good is wealth if you don't have anything to spend it on, or life if you don't have anything worth dying for?"

Dr. Tim Crutcher, SNU Faculty Member